“A dreamlike experience.”

The team at EASTERN ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS is beyond fantastic ! Sending my kids there for Cupping, Acupuncture, Herbs and Stretching is like a Holistic Treat for them ! As a family we love this place and would recommend it to everyone !


— Tiffany Oliveira.

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

Excellent service and amazingly superior knowledge. Jennifer is very highly educated and you can tell in her great work that she does to help with a multitude of health concerns.

— Bryan.

“Everything we wanted and more.”

I have been here 3 times so far, twice for an acupuncture treatment and once for a massage. I will be back again. The place is clean, the atmosphere is calm and the staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend to anyone.

— Kevin Wharburton

“Feeling way better than I thought I could”

After being told I would need surgery to heal an eye injury, I went to Eastern Acupuncture to heal myself instead. Jennifer and the staff were super accommodating and after sticking to her protocol, I am pretty much healed and feeling way better than I thought I could. I highly recommend them to heal yourself (or just improve your quality of being) rather than simply treating symptoms like a conventional doctor !

— Kelly Johnson


“Stellar, professional service.”

This practice has definitely given the best service, comfort, and professionalism experience. My boyfriend was given an appointment for back surgery but we decided to get a second opinion and after a few sessions with acupuncture. Surgery it's no longer necessary thanks to the amazing hands of the Jennifer Cruz and wonderful staff. Once again Thank you for your service.

—Milky Umana


“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

I met Jennifer Cruz when she was doing Mobil massage about 10/11 yrs ago. Her massage techniques were wonderful and tremendously helped. Jennifer continued with expanding her knowledge of body wellness. I lost track of Jennifer for a while and when my brother Henry gave me a gift card for an accupuncture treatment i signed up for continual health.
Dr. Jennifer... [has] worked wonders for me, especially in regards to extreme hair loss which all doctors said it is just aging. The loss has slowed down and also other issues are at bay.

The massage therapists that work out of this office are wonderful and Trish does a "Great" stretch session.

The office staff are all very nice and helpful especially Miss Nicole's always bubbly attitude and helpfulness.

Eastern Accupuncture and Wellness is a wonderful place to get your feel good on....

Try it, you won't be sorry you did. What do you have to loose except for the bad feelings you now have.

Take the feel good road to wellness, make your way to Eastern Accupunture and Wellness now! 😃

— S.L.

“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

Love the hard work they put into making the experience worth it.


"I have never felt this good in my entire life."

I have been going to Eastern Acupunture and wellness for over a year now and I have never felt this good in my entire life. I've been to all the acupunturists in the office and they are all fantastic, each one has their own personal style and each has added to my overall well being. I have more energy and my migraines are 95% better! I highly reccomend this office to anyone who is looking to feel better, both physically and mentally.

- Danielle Tabino


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