“ I help people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I specialize in utilizing advanced laboratory testing to get a comprehensive understanding of what is going on inside your body so I can then appropriately treat your concerns and facilitate you on your journey to optimum wellness."

-Jennifer Cruz

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About Jennifer Cruz

Jennifer Cruz is a primary care physician specializing in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Jennifers’ particular approach to achieving well-being for her patients combines advanced laboratory testing with Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat the root cause of any imbalance, not just the symptoms.

After completing her masters in Oriental Medicine at the Atlantic Institute, Jennifer interned in China working in hospitals across the country for four months. She is now enrolled at both Shanghai University and the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine for her clinical Doctrine and Research Ph.D.

Mrs. Cruz’s thirst for knowledge combined with our countries’ constantly evolving health care system, has fed her drive to continuing her education and refining her skills in administering holistic medicine. In 2014, Jennifer served as an apprentice at Whitfield Reeves in the department of advanced diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of Sports Injuries and Pain. In 2015, Jennifer then completed the advanced level training in Orthodox Tung Acupuncture, used for immediate relief of pain. In 2016, Jennifer became certified in disaster relief with Acupuncturist Without Borders.

Jennifer started her professional career in 2007 with a dual-license awarded to her by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and the State of Florida in massage therapy. Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Cruz left for Thailand where she studied for approximately two months after which she became licensed in three levels of Thai Massage and Reflexology. She then enrolled in an apprenticeship led by Tricia Baughman and in 2009 they combined their techniques to come up with a unique style of massage called TJ Advanced Massage Therapy.