My Journey to China (Reflection)

I have to say when I embarked on this journey fitteen years ago, I would have never imagined I would be heading back to China for my Ph.D.

As I take a deep breath and release a big sigh, I am humbled and so very thankful. Thankful  for all of the amazing teachers and doctors that shared their knowledge and time to get me where I am today. A special thanks to my dear friend and colleague, Linda Carrington, for all the late night edits and for being my sounding board to bounce ideas off of during my dissertation. Most of all, the support of my confidant and love of my life, Mrs. Tricia Baughman. Thank you Tricia, for your selflessness and for tolerating my selfish love affair to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

One of the main reasons I became intrigued in Traditional Chinese Medicine was because of my grandmother, Watraud Gabi Cruz. In 2004 she decided to transition from this plane to the next. I like to call it her rebirth. One of her last words to me was, “Jennifer, when are you going to do something with your life?”

Not only did her question penetrate my soul, but I was dishearten to see our medical system fail her. As cancer ravaged her body, all our doctors could do was keep her comfortable with morphine!

I truly could not understand. My stubbornness would not let me believe that was the only way. We all have cancer cells in our body, why did her’s turn on and take over?

That is when my thirst from the inexhaustible sea of knowledge began and has taken me to this very moment on a plane to Shanghai.