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18 Responses to Testimonials
  1. David Fuchs Reply

    Tricia has been my massage therapist for 12 years. She is a consummate professional. She is caring, compassionate and reliable. Her deep tissue technique has done wonders for relieving and repairing the physical effects of stress brought on by the rigors of my legal profession. She is without question the best in her profession and I could could not recommend her more highly.

  2. Geri Haber Reply

    I am a long-time believer in professional therapeutic massages as a significant element to my overall good health and well-being. I am extremely particular in choosing the right therapist for my needs. Most important to me is that the therapist has an extensive and complete understanding of all of the body components and what is necessary to ensure the best results. Equally important is that I must trust her. Without a doubt, hands-down, Tricia Baughman is the finest massage therapist I have had during my lifetime. Her wide-ranging capabilities have made a tremendous difference when it came to things such as a worn rotator cuff, strained Achilles tendon, lower back discomfort, anxiety, etc. After each session I think “Tricia truly has healing hands.”

  3. Lani T. Reply

    Tricia is amazing! She gives a very customized therapeutic massage. Not your average “same as everyone else” massage. She takes the time to learn your body & your individual needs. She gives a deep massage that your body truly benefits from for the long term. I have been getting massages my whole life & once I found Tricia, I will not let anyone else massage me. She has helped me through numerous injuries, surgical recoveries, & life’s general stresses. She is a necessity for my body & soul! She is also a very nice, trusting, & genuinely caring person. Thank you Tricia for being as amazing as you are! & to those who give her a try, you will not be disappointed & you will wonder how you lived without her prior.

  4. Chuck Rosen Reply

    Tricia and Jen are a dynamic due. Tricia has been giving me massages for 21 years and Jen had substituted for her a few times. It is a long story, but just accept my word that they are the best in their fields of healthcare and I can thank them both for getting me through several very serious health problems that medical doctors could not work with. If U need the best I highly recommend Tricia and Jen to do the best for your health and your life.

  5. Chuck Rosen Reply

    I have had Tricia massage me for 21 years and she is the best most careing care giver in the world. I know Jen for 8 years and used her for several great massages and now see her twice a week as she is helping areas of my body that had so much pain it was debilitating.

  6. Heather H. Reply

    Jennifer was an amazing acupuncturist who helped me with my skin allergies!!! Would definitely recommend her to others!!!

  7. Samuel B. Reply

    Truly the best there is.
    I have had a fair amount of acupuncture in my life, with varying degrees of successful outcomes. When I started a new series of sessions with Ms. Cruz I knew this was going to be a different level of work – and it was. The most effective acupuncture I have ever received, coupled with comprehensive study of my overall health needs. It was so positive that I brought my sixteen year son in for a series of sessions. He loved it as well.

  8. Lisa C. Reply

    Caring, nurturing and healing
    Very professional. Looking forward to my next treatment.

  9. Henry S. Reply

    Back / Arm and Neck
    I have been using Jennifer for quite a while now, Jennifer has been working on all of my problems a little bit at a time and I can say that between the Massage and Acupuncture my body is doing much better. My pain and discomfort has gone down quite a bit. If you have the time it will well worth the investment for your health and quality of life.

  10. Victor R. Reply

    Great Experience!
    Ms Cruz was very attentive to my needs and made me feel very relaxed. I will be recommending Ms Cruz and her practice, to all that seeks help in their ailments.

  11. Todd D. Watson Reply

    Tricia has been coming to our home for over 10 years to massage my family on almost a weekly basis.
    My wife and I, and my young son. He is 12 now.
    She is the best.
    Tricia is an important part of our family.
    She is reliable and professional, besides being the best at what she does.
    We would HIGHLY recommend!

  12. Michael Knauf Reply

    Jennifer Cruz is a deeply committed practitioner of her craft who continues to develop her skills — traveling to Thailand to study Thai Massage, to China to study Accupuncture, and bringing back additional techniques so that she is constantly improving. She is an excellent massage therapist and acupuncturist and she pays attention to and tailors her treatments to your needs. I have had calming relaxing massage from here, and aggressive therapeutic massage, based on my needs at the time. She is reliable and trustworthy, I highly recommend her.

  13. Mary Anne Boyer Reply

    Feel great after massage and acupuncture to my traps. Jennifer Cruz I have used as my massage therapist for 6 years. She is by far the best and most knowledgeable with pro athletes like my self and understands what a standup paddle boarder racer needs to perform at a top level.

  14. Cassandra Sereta Reply

    Jennifer is awesome! I love her and her healing spirit. Thank you!

  15. Jason Olivera Reply

    Jenn Cruz is amazing. We works on my whole
    Family. I have 2 active kids in dance & sports and she keeps them healthy and functional. She’s extremely knowledgeable on the human body and I high recommend her!

  16. Judi G. Reply

    I have the privilege of utilizing Eastern Acupuncture wellness to decrease pain from a traumatic back injury I had 15 months ago. Erica has done acupuncture, cupping ,tuning forks as well as sound and light therapy on me. The combination of all of these processes has given me a far better quality of life with less pain than traditional American treatments. I intend on keeping up with this as it is valuable!! So glad you are here!!!

  17. Dulce Bjorklund Reply

    After having been in pain for many weeks with shingles I though nothing would help with the scarring and the pain until I tried acupuncture for the first time. You don’t know how painful shingles is till you’ve had it, your whole body aches with the touch of a feather, yet I tried everything from medicine to homeopathic treatments. Nothing helped me with my pain than the acupuncture and selected herbal medicines given to me. I would recommend this treatment, acupuncture, to anyone else in pain – it really does help. Thank you to Jennifer Cruz.

  18. Mauricio Graminhani Reply

    Jennifer has an effective program for weight reduction without any side effects.
    Congratulations!!! I have been receiving this treatment for months already and I did not feel any problems on achieving the results I expected.
    Thank you Jennifer.

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