Medical Skin Care

Renew – Perfect pamper for a tired skin. Clean, exfoliate and submerge yourself in a relaxing experience with our hydrating and balancing masks. 60 minutes.


Ageless Thai Facial- Looking for some hydration? This special restorative eye and facial poultice will not only give you the hydration you need but will target and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and will provide an immediate brow lift. 60-80 minutes.


Diamond Fruit Facial – Hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, fine lines or acne? Our enzyme peels will target the problem without irritating the skin. Soft enough to use on the teenage skin but strong enough to see results. 60 minutes.


Radiant Facial(Gluten Free)  Because we care about sensitive skins we have created a Gluten Free facial. With mild yet effective products we help sensitive/health-challenge


Back Restoration – Perfect treatment to relax your back. We will clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your back as if it was your face. Favorite male treatment. 60 minutes.


Lily Recovery Treatment (For patients going through chemotherapy and radiation)

We all know how difficult the process of chemotherapy and/or radiation can be for the skin of patients with cancer. We can help these patients to make the process go smoother on their skin by hydrating and calming the biggest organ in the body.


Premiere Ageless Facial

Introducing the most advanced treatment for reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A combination of enzymes, peptides and nano mask will help you increase skin glow, improvement in skin texture, firmness, and smoothness, finishing with LED light to stimulate collagen production. 60 minutes.


Advance Therapy Facial

Acne is the most common skin problem that you can have. Our Advance Therapy Facial will help you clear your skin from the inside out. By using appropriate products we will clear the pores, improve circulation and balance sebum production. High frequency is utilized to kill bacteria and help you clear the skin. 60 minutes.

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