Herbal Medicine

IMG_9570As a result of over 4000 years of medicinal practice, there are now as many as 1800 herbs that have proven to be effective in the treatment of symptoms, of which 300-400 are commonly used herbs. Herbalist who has gone through strict training are capable of working out eventually the remarkable prescriptions for the patients according to the healing properties, flavors and the particular channels they act on. Chinese Herbs have been studied and formulated for over millennia and are the most complex, yet effective way to utilize plant or botanical medicine to achieve results. Herbs are prescribed in formulas that are specifically designed to suit each individual. Typically 10 different ingredients will be mixed to form a prescription that is tailored specifically to the patient’s needs. Typically, this medicine is boiled and consumed like tea about 2-3 times per day.

classical-chinese-medicine-herbsHerbal prescriptions are also available in different forms, pills, tinctures and powdered extracts. Chinese herbal medicine has little to no side effects due to its low toxicity compared to Western drugs. This makes it equally suitable for different types of patients: Adults, pregnant women without harming the fetus, children, and babies who receive smaller dosages. Often Herbal Medicine can nourish the body and mind for those that are more depleted. Additionally, 3they can calm, support and enhance the body to work in the most efficient and effective manner. Only by doing so can the doctor help the patient to make an effective adjustment and hope to regulate the body so as to regain the balance.

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