Eastern Acupuncture and wellness follows the holistic approach to treating patients. “The whole equals the sum of its parts”.  Holistic treatment is the concept that any symptom or specific ailment is closely connected with the whole body.  When treating any ailment, we not only focus on the illness but the root for that illness.  Many factors can influence an imbalance, such as the body condition of an individual, climate and weather environment, lifestyle, and psychological factors. Therefore, the method of treatment should be different for each individual even if they suffer from the same symptoms.  There are different ways to treat the same symptom in different individuals to achieve the optimal result for each patient.

Eastern Acupuncture and Wellness uses Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Massage and many other complementary alternatives to treat various diseases.  This allows the patient to maintain immunity and to increase the ability to resist any ailment so the patient can quickly transform from an ill body to a healthy one. Treatments are not just limited to procedures in the center. We advise patients to follow the suggestions provided in their everyday life in order to help them self-recover. Based on the specific ailments and the condition of each patient, advice is provided in the areas of functional exercises, psychological adjustment, self-massage, diet, and lifestyle change to improve the total effect of treatment.


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